Canon R3 — Shutter Speed of 1/64,000

Day 2 with the Canon R3 and I went to a nearby lake to photograph birds in flight. Someone nearby was flying a drone so I took a picture of it. The drone flew over to me and hovered. Photo Opportunity!!

The Canon R3 locked on to the drone without much problem. This photo is 1/1600 shutter with ISO 400. Notice the propellers are blurred.
I changed the shutter speed to 1/12,800. Yes, there’s a shutter speed faster than 1/8000 now! Notice the propellers are nearly stopped. ISO 4000 for those interested.
I rotated the shutter speed dial to 1/64000. Yes, we have that now! ISO is 20,000 at this point. A bit of noise reduction was needed but not much. Notice that the propeller blades are frozen at this point.

Shutter speeds range from 1/64000 to 30″ seconds on the R3. Life just got a lot more interesting.

Author: kathyadamsclark

Professional photographer leading workshops and tours.

2 thoughts on “Canon R3 — Shutter Speed of 1/64,000”

  1. Wow! That was a lucky moment. I wonder if there is a video of you somewhere on YouTube. That drone camera was checking you out. LOL.

    Your photos are so sharp and noise free I can read the model name. That’s DJI’s Mini2 – the latest model of the one I have. Great idea for when I want to practice birds in flight. Amazing that there is no visible noise at that high ISO.

    I’ve ordered an R3. And an RF 100-500 lens. Now I just have to wait…


    1. I’d love to see the video of me photographing the drone! I’m amazed that 20,000 ISO can be cleaned up with a bit of noise reduction in Adobe Camera Raw. The light was good, though, so that gave me an advantage. Crazy high ISO! Glad your R3 is on order. That’s good news.


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