Holiday Ornament Photography: Add Layers

Consider using layers of items in your holiday ornament photos.  No, not Photoshop layers.  Arrange different layers of elements to give your photos more depth.

Ornament —— 2-3 feet —> Greenery ——–2-5 feet—–>  Lights


holiday, ornaments, bokah, Christmas, decorations.
Ornament with greenery placed about two feet behind and then lights on the wall about three feet away. Canon 24-105mm at f/4
holiday, ornaments, bokah, Christmas, decorations.
Same set-up.

Breathe New Life into Holiday Ornaments

Breathe new life into your holiday ornaments by making them the star of your photographs.

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All were photographed using f/4 to soften the background.  The lights in the background are 5-feet away from the ornaments.  Lights are held to the wall with clear thumbtacks.