“Use the White Balance Tool in Adobe”

We were photographing at twilight on the my recent photo tour to Seville, Spain.  The natural light was mixing with the man-made light illuminating the walls of the Mezquita.

A member of our group said that she hated the color she was getting on her photos.  In unison, five of use said, “Use the white balance tool in Lightroom or Photoshop later on.”  I was one of those voices.  Take a look.

Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba KAC0052as shot
Wall of the Mezquita in Seville, Spain photographed using AWB or Auto White Balance on the camera.  Yes, the color doesn’t look great but some people like this color cast.
Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba KAC0052
This the same image processed in Adobe Camera Raw.  I used the White Balance Tool and touched it to the bright area above the second arch.  Viola!  Looks like what I saw with my eye.

The White Balance Tool in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom  is a powerful tool.  I suggest leaving the cameras set to Auto White Balance (AWB) and the make any corrections later on in processing.

I find Auto White Balance in the camera to be right most of the time.  In those instances where it’s off, then a simple touch of the  White Balance Tool puts things back in order.

Greetings from Spain

My photo tour through Spain begins today in Seville.  John has been here for a few days.  Teddie came in yesterday.  Carol arrived this morning. Alice and Anthony will be here this afternoon.  Later tonight, Bud, Bruce and Pam will be here.  Then the fun begins as we explore Andalusia and Barcelona!!

I arrived in Seville a few days ago.  It’s been fun to photograph and explore.

La Giralda Seville KAC0243
Our hotel is located near the La Giralda that rises above the cathedral.
La Giralda Seville KAC0268
Another view of La Giralda at twilight.
La Giralda Seville KAC0280
Time to get a little creative with La Giralda.
Flamenco Seville KAC0346
The streets of Seville were lively on Sunday afternoon with flamenco dancing.
Guitar Spain KAC0447
A quiet bit of Spanish guitar at the Plaza de Espana on Sunday.
Metropol Parasol Seville KAC0478
Small section of Metropol Parasol.  This is a massive, modern structure in the Plaza de la Encarnacion.  More of this as our days in Seville continue.

October 1st was the big separatist vote.  On Saturday, September 30th, there was a massive showing of the colors.  What a day to be out on the streets of Spain!

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Stay tuned for more views of Andalusia Spain.

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