Use The Shadow Slider

When traveling, we don’t always get to choose when we can be at a location.  Harsh light can get in the way of a good photo.  That’s why I suggest you make friends with the Shadow slider in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, or Elements.

Spain; Seville; Plaza de Espana
Well exposed image with no highlights blown out.  The area on the right is in deep shadows, though.
Spain; Seville; Plaza de Espana
Same image with basic processing in Adobe Camera Raw. The shadows on the right have been opened thanks to the Shadow slider in Adobe Camera Raw.  Same slider is in Lightroom and Elements.

Have you used the Shadow slider?  Does it work?

Author: kathyadamsclark

Professional photographer leading workshops and tours.

2 thoughts on “Use The Shadow Slider”

  1. Yes, I use the Shadow Slider all the time … I tend to underexpose my photos, and it’s a great help in bringing things out of the shadows! Kristina


    1. No need to underexpose the photo, Kristina. We want to make sure that the highlights are properly exposed. I watch the histogram to make sure it goes all the way across and touches the right corner. The histogram shows that we’ve captured all the tones in the photo. When it’s really bright, though, it does look like the photo is underexposed. Let the histogram be your guide. It’s a great tool.


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