Canon R5 Mirrorless — Noise

The previous post ended with a question from Patti asking about noise when using high ISO and shadow recovery.

I can honestly say that the noise is not that bad.

Here’s a before and after photo. (On Left) ISO 500 and very unexposed. (On Right) Basic processing with shadow slider moved to +88 and exposure slider moved to +1.25.

Below the photo is enlarged to 100% and cropped. I moved the exposure slider a bit more and then hit it with a bit of noise reduction in Adobe Camera Raw.

The noise doesn’t look too bad despite high ISO and pulling the exposure.

The Canon R5 files are pretty amazing.

Author: kathyadamsclark

Professional photographer leading workshops and tours.

3 thoughts on “Canon R5 Mirrorless — Noise”

  1. I just posted on your first article. Check it out, hoping the link works–it’s to a low rez Facebook version.

    But, as I shoot astro, I’m not finding the noise much less than my 5D IV… but, if and when the $ allows, I’ll get an R6 or Ra, as one is astro specific, and the other is a tad better, according to some, which makes sense, as its pixel pitch is better.


  2. Also, your image above is impressive, as it is processed from an underexposed image, which I also seem to do a lot. I’ve been gunshy about “Exposing to the right”, as I’m often shooting high dyn range images, and hate to have washed out highlights. Like in the old days when I shot slide film 98% of the time, underexposing was safer.

    Upon reading/viewing some good material, I’m trying ISO’s of 6400-12800 for astro…and it is better. Plus, I’m about to learn how to star stack. I have been shooting the differently exposed images (diff settings as well) so I will have plenty of material to work with.


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